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No Competition Basketball, LLC

What is No Competition Basketball?

No Competition Basketball, LLC is a woman-owned and operated basketball training company located in Frederick, MD. Originally established in 2016, our Player Development Program focuses on developing the basketball fundamental skills and concepts that enhance athletes' comprehension of the game while teaching life-long lessons to youth aged 7-18.

NEW FOR 2023!!!
Learn and play basketball like never before with our new 3 x 3 Basketball League for youth ages 7 to 14! Teams put dribbling, passing, shooting and defending skills into motion in a fun and competitive environment with friends and teammates. It’s the first youth league of its kind in Maryland and you don't want to miss it!

Player Development & Leagues All Year Round!!!

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3 x 3 Basketball Teams forming NOW!!

No Competition Basketball is excited to announce our new 3 x 3 Basketball League for youth ages 7 to 14! 

Teams are forming NOW!! Early Bird Registration ends Sept 1!!

Form your own team (play with friends or other teammates)
Fun Environment! • Music playing!

Two 20-minute games per day
No coaches (referees provide in-game instruction and guidance) 
No practices
No win/loss records

When You Play the #NoComp Way, There is No Competition!

The #NoComp "Me vs Me" Mentality

No Competition emphasizes the "Me vs Me" mentality - a concept that uses basketball to unleash your full potential, both on and off the court. It teaches you to aim high, hustle hard, bounce back from failures, celebrate your wins, and focus on your own personal development without comparison to others. By embracing this mentality, you create an environment where there is #NoCompetition and you become the best version of yourself!

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